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Hello! This is my fannish-ID journal for commenting purposes. I have a non-fannish identity here which, for RL reasons, I prefer remain publicly unconnected with fandom (any fannish content which exists there is kept under flock).

I'm too lazy to maintain multiple active journals, but some of the fannish communities I lurk in are places I'd be actually active in if I had a non-anonymous means of doing so--hence this pseudonymous account named after my AO3 identity.

If you're looking for my fic, it's here, at the Archive of Our Own (for a variety of reasons, I prefer not to post fanfic publicly on LJ); if you're looking for my meta and other rambling thoughts, they're... really not worth looking for, and you're not missing anything.

tl;dr: there is nothing in this journal other than this post.

Edit: As of 28 April 2011, I have also started posting my fic here/at [ profile] non_island. A masterlist of my fic can be found here, or accessed by browsing the tags.
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