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Dear [ profile] rarepairfest author,

I like you already just for agreeing to participate in this exchange! Whether you, like me, ship these pairings with enough force to power a medium-sized city, or whether you only want to bring joy to the people who do, you're awesome. ♥

If you don't want to read a long and rambling letter, the shortest version of what I'd like is: something happy, or at least hopeful, and for this particular exchange I would actually prefer fic without porn, especially if you're not planning on going much over the minimum length. (I mean, if you want to write me a novella, by all means, for most of these fandoms porn away. But I rather suspect you don't.)

If you'd like something a little more specific, here is a partial list of my likes and dislikes, in general and in no particular order! (If you want to know whether something applies to a specific fandom/ship, just check below, I will mention if for some reason it doesn't!)
  • likes: pining and UST; ladies being awesome; get-togethers and/or first times; most AUs; happy endings; banter; most fannish tropes and clich├ęs; character A being emotionally and/or sexually attracted to character B being awesome at something; pretend relationships/fake dating/undercover-as-married/etc.; epistolary romance (in letters/texts/e-mails/etc.); when I learn something new from a fic.
  • handle with care: dubcon (I'm fine with--and enjoy--speculative fiction dubcon tropes along the lines of sex pollen/aliens made them do it/etc., but I'd like it if you could avoid any more realistic consent issues)
  • dislikes/squicks: noncon; depiction or justification of abuse of any kind (including emotional); underage sex; major character death; character bashing; bigotry; focus on PTSD or any other anxiety spectrum disorder; and stories where characters are made miserable for no real reason and with no real narrative reward.
  • triggers: I cannot read/watch/consume stories which go into any depth about the helplessness of a sympathetic disadvantaged character against The System; or stories set in/featuring/etc. mental hospitals, historical or contemporary. also if for any reason you ignore my above request not to focus on any anxiety-type disorder (...which, please don't), then at least please please do not include a detailed description of a panic attack, especially not from the POV of the character having it.

And now, to actual challenge-related requests and musings! They are arranged alphabetically by fandom (except the Star Trek ones, which are arranged chronologically), and arranged within fandom by a slightly more complex alphabetization system. Onwards! )

If you don't like the specifics of whatever you were matched to me on, or if something else I've described sounds interesting, here's a quick run-down of how to most efficiently acquaint yourself with others of my fandoms/ships: Read more... )

And, finally, if you have any other questions/comments/concerns/wishes for clarification/inquiries about my opinion on polarizing canon topics/etc., you may leave them either as comments to this entry (anon is enabled!) or ask [ profile] lady_ragnell, who can, honestly, probably answer of her own knowledge and if not will certainly be able to find out what I think without ruining the surprise.
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Dear Rare Women Fic Exchange writer,

First, everything in this letter is optional! If you already have something very clearly in mind, you can skip reading it and I'm sure it'll be fine; I didn't request anyone I don't want to read about. This got kind of long because I have a tendency to ramble and I've never done a fic exchange before, so I erred on the side of overinforming and I didn't have any other letters to point to, but please don't feel you have to read this. I started with general likes and dislikes, and then have thoughts about each of the fandoms in sections with bold headers, so you can skim if you'd rather.

Read more... )

Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to reading whatever you write. ♥

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