nonisland: the Impala, with text "the winding road is home" ([SPN] they always had a home)
fandom: Supernatural
rating: general audiences
characters/pairings: Lisa Braeden&original female characters
length: ~400 words
content notices: none?
summary: Lisa, studying to become a yoga teacher, making a home.
notes: Written as a [ profile] rarewomen treat for [ profile] EllieMurasaki.
ao3 crosspost: here

Kitchen and food mean family to Lisa, whatever “family” means. )
nonisland: A warm-hued silhouette of a person in a skirt, standing against a floral background. ([*] ladies)
fandom: Greek mythology
rating: general audiences
characters/pairings: Arachne, Athena
length: ~250 words
content notices: non-graphic discussion/mentions of canonical violence, death, cannibalism, and rape & victim-blaming.
summary: Arachne knows of the gods’ deeds, and doesn’t believe she owes them anything.
notes: Apologies for any potential anachronisms beyond the concept itself. Title is from the quote “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act,” which I believe is George Orwell? Written as a [ profile] rarewomen treat for [ profile] Gehayi.
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The tapestry sings with fury. )
nonisland: the Impala, with text "the winding road is home" ([SPN] they always had a home)
fandom: Supernatural
rating: teen+ audiences
characters/pairings: (Amelia&)Claire Novak
length: ~600 words
content notices: themes of loss/abandonment; also, although this fic doesn’t contain actual self-harm, deliberate or accidental, it does contain some highly risky behaviors which might be triggering and which are treated within the story as dangerous/alarming.
summary: Claire doesn’t consider being released from possession an escape or a mercy. She’s never had anything like Castiel in her life, and she doesn’t know how to continue as purely human.
notes: Some credit for influence is due to [ profile] crowleyshouseplant & [ profile] applesarefuckinghealthy, as well as others whose names I’ve forgotten, whose Claire-related headcanons have shaped my opinion of her. Title from Sara Teasdale’s “I Am Not Yours”. Written as a [ profile] rarewomen treat for [ profile] xenoamorist.
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Claire curls and uncurls her fingers, remembering divine light spearing out of them. )
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Well, if all the cool kids are doing it...most popular 10 fics meme, taken from [personal profile] argylepiratewd! (I have been busily working on attempting to have an actual life, but stay tuned to this channel over the next week or two for a. at least one de-anoned [ profile] kinkme_merlin fill, b. some [ profile] rarewomen treats*, and possibly c. the unveiling of a Secret Project!

* Treats can be written by all, participant or otherwise (and a later post explicitly clarifies dropouts can also write treats)! To find out about it and get a list of requests, see this post at the comm. *waves More Fic About Ladies banner*

(...also, yes, you deduce correctly from my mention of "treats" yet no mention of my actual assignment fic that I ended up having an Abject Failure At Things moment and having to release my assignment into the wild due to a case of having no idea how in hell to write what my recipient wanted. /o\ Oh well. I did try, which already makes this better than I've done for any exchange yet. I think.)

ANYWAY, now that I've gotten terribly sidetracked, here's the 10 fics meme. )
nonisland: Camelot in red and gold, with text "make your own destiny" ([Merlin] make your own destiny if you ca)
fandom: Merlin
rating: teen+ audiences
characters/pairings: Gorlois/Vivienne, Uther/Vivienne, Morgause, Morgana.
length: ~600 words
content notices: adultery; pregnancy; non-explicit sexual content; references to Uther's campaign against magic and all that implies.
summary: Vivienne, her daughters, and their fathers.
notes: Thanks to [ profile] lady_ragnell for looking this over for me and making me clarify some of my wilder verbal flights of fancy; any remaining errors are entirely my fault. Title is from Heather Dale’s “Three Queens”. Written as a [ profile] rarewomen treat for [ profile] Netgirl_y2k.
ao3 crosspost: here

Her grip is firm on Vivienne’s fingers, hard but not painful, like a claim. )
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Dear Rare Women Fic Exchange writer,

First, everything in this letter is optional! If you already have something very clearly in mind, you can skip reading it and I'm sure it'll be fine; I didn't request anyone I don't want to read about. This got kind of long because I have a tendency to ramble and I've never done a fic exchange before, so I erred on the side of overinforming and I didn't have any other letters to point to, but please don't feel you have to read this. I started with general likes and dislikes, and then have thoughts about each of the fandoms in sections with bold headers, so you can skim if you'd rather.

Read more... )

Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to reading whatever you write. ♥

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