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The three-sentence ficathon post is here, for those of you who are not aware of it. Many thanks to [ profile] lady_ragnell for informing me of its existence.

Prompt: Lancelot/Gwen, for her favor i would die a thousand deaths
He would lift his sword hope-bright in her defense without hesitation, or die gladly in her place or at her wish.

But not today.

Today is summer peaceful and quiet, is a golden apple-sweet afternoon washed clean with sunlight, is her smile warm as a promise when she reaches out and takes his hand between hers.
[Also on the AO3!]

Prompt: Claire & Jimmy, swimming lessons
"Don't be afraid, Claire," Daddy says, stretching out a hand to her. "It's shallow for a long way out, see?"

Claire almost thinks she can hear voices in the rush of the waves--but she takes a deep breath and steps in, and the water curls cold and eager around her ankles.
[Also on the AO3!]

Prompt: Darcy Lewis, best internship ever
A couple of other people in Darcy's hall are chattering about how much their internships sucked/rocked, and how much menial labor/cool shit they did, and it's sort of turned into some sort of employment-related Never Have I Ever thing by the time Alex turns to Darcy and says, "You're awfully quiet, Darce--nothing happened to you, really?"

Darcy thinks about it, everything looping around in her brain in technicolor, filling her up with this bubbly gleeful feeling of I did Important Things and it's classified, this is amazing, I'm amazing, also I damn well tasered a Norse God, what the hell! "Oh, you know," she says, feeling the grin that's not quite on her face settle somewhere warm and radiant inside her, "lots of equations, no big deal."
[Also on the AO3!]
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