Date: 2014-10-20 04:29 am (UTC)
nonisland: a ship in a bottle, at a workbench for creating more of same ([*] tinyshipping)
From: [personal profile] nonisland
I SOMEHOW SUSPECTED THIS WOULD BE SO, which is why I ran off in this direction in the first place. I mean, that and the very clear mental image of Freya talking to her flour baby about how Lancelot and Gwen were Always Going To Be even when they had flour babies with other people, but I would not have flung it at you as commentfic if I had not known you were in favor of what it chose to be in general and therefore probably also in particular. :D

(Freya ends up saying to Merlin, "but...I mean, if--if we both liked him..." and then stopping because she can't really believe what she's saying.)

(Merlin kind of cannot really believe what she's saying either.) is possible that this really wants to be more than very brief side-story commentfic. *buries face in hands, contemplates life choices again*
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