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Fic Masterlist

I will always provide content notices, on LJ and DW, for anything which strikes me as potentially something which some people might want or need not to read (or not to read without warning). On the Archive of Our Own, I will use archive warnings to the best of my ability, and choose not to use archive warnings when I doubt any apply but suspect that the fic may be disturbing. I may or may not use additional content notices on the AO3; if you require detailed warnings, I suggest you browse here instead. If I have neglected to provide a notice for something here on LJ/DW, or neglected to properly implement an archive warning at the AO3, I will correct myself as soon as the error is brought to my attention.

For a more detailed explanation of my notice & spoiler policy, see here (LJ)/here (DW).

Should you find something, whilst reading one of my stories, that offends you/is incorrect/could offend others/is in any way problematic, please please please do not hesitate to tell me. I will never spew hate at you, I will never attack you, and I will always thank you for taking the time to let me know. (note on problematic content composed by [ profile] gyzym & used with permission)

For detailed information on all characters and pairings, and for full content notices, please consult the entry itself. Content notices which will be mentioned here if they apply are: major and/or non-canonical character death, graphic violence, and non-consensual sexual contact. Rating abbreviations match those at the AO3: general, teen+, mature, explicit. (Once again, "E" does not mean "everyone".)

Arthurian legend
Atlantis (BBC)
Fairy tales & folklore
Greek mythology/literature
Marvel Avengers filmverse
   The Avengers
Merlin (BBC)
Stargate SG-1
Stargate: Atlantis

Arthurian legend:
  • "The Queens' Lovers' Devotees Club": ensemble, gen-ish; G; ~1500 words. Elaine of Astolat and Isolt of Brittany start a club in some sort of odd metafictional universe. Referenced major character death. [LJ|DW|AO3]

Atlantis (BBC):
  • "Out There a Lonely Girl Could Drown": Ione, Pasiphae, gen; G; ~1400 words. The palace of Atlantis is a dangerous place. Spoilers through 1.12 "Touched by the Gods, Part 1"; references to canonical character death. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Private Law": Ariadne(&Minos); T+; ~700 words. Ariadne doubts her father's faith. Spoilers through 1.03 "A Boy of No Consequence"; implied offscreen minor character death. [LJ|DW|AO3]

Fairy tales & folklore:
  • "Snow on Roses": the Enchantress (Beauty & the Beast), the Prince|Beast, gen; G; ~1000 words. Winter in the North Marches is the kind of cold that never lets you go, and only a monster would send an old woman out into it to die. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Super Terra In Caelo": Rapunzel, misc others, gen-ish; G; ~700 words. Rapunzel has lived her whole life in a tower. She isn't used to the ground. [LJ|DW|AO3]

Greek mythology/literature:
  • "The Face That—": Helen of Troy, gen-ish; G; ~700 words. The only man to see Helen as a lover instead of a prize was Paris; the only man to see her as a woman instead of either was Hector. Referenced major character death. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Hear the Little Songs That Echoed Through My Soul": Cassandra/Helen of Troy; T; ~2000 words. Two princesses of Troy, both used and discarded by the gods. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "A Revolutionary Act": Arachne, Athena; G; ~250 words. Arachne knows of the gods' deeds, and doesn't believe she owes them anything. Non-graphic references to canonical death, rape, &c. (more warnings at all three post locations). [LJ|DW|AO3]

Marvel Avengers filmverse:
  • Thor:
    • "Just an Ordinary Day": Darcy Lewis, gen; T; ~150 words. 3-sentence fic for the prompt "best internship ever". [LJ|DW|AO3]

    • "The Spheres Are in Commotion": unrequited Darcy Lewis/Jane Foster; G; ~1500 words. On the days when she remembers that some people make good life decisions and it’s possible she should try to be among them, Darcy still isn’t sure how she ended up interning for Jane. [LJ|DW|AO3]

    • "This Feeling Calls for Everything I Can't Afford": Jane Foster(/various); T; ~1600 words. Jane loves her work, but there’s so much crap she has to deal with to be able to do it. Sometimes she wants to be in a different story. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • The Avengers:
    • "The Frost King": Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov(/Phil Coulson); T; ~400 words. Natasha in the realm of the Frost King (or, a The Snow Queen AU). [LJ|DW|AO3]

Merlin (BBC):
  • "After Albion": Arthur/Merlin, Morgana; G; ~1600 words. It may or may not be the apocalypse; it is time for Arthur Pendragon to return. Temporary major character death. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "All His Worldly Worth for This": Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Lancelot, Merlin; T; ~2400 words. There are two men Queen Guinevere loves. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "But There's Water on My Lips": Gwen&Morgana, Freya/Morgana; G; ~3200 words. Morgana might be the only person in England who ever tried to befriend a deadly water spirit. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • Camelot Station 'verse [AO3 series page]:
    • "A Sky of Diamonds Just for Us": Elena/Morgana; T; ~1800 words. In which corporate elite Elena meets psychic Morgana and breaks her out of Camelot space. [LJ|DW|AO3] A podfic read by [ profile] quintenttsy can be found here!

    • "You're the Heat in My Bones": Gwen/Lancelot; T; ~2500 words. Gwen heads to Isgard Moon to repair a damaged transmitter, escorted by Lancelot; they arrive shortly before an ion storm begins and end up sharing a blanket to stay warm. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Cast Me Away": Excalibur/stone; T; ~300 words. Excalibur is placed in the stone. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Chapter One Says to Love Her": Gwen/Morgana; G; ~950 words. Pre-series fluff in which Gwen's historically unlikely literacy is explained. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Desire is Your Masquerade": Lancelot/Morgana; E; ~3500 words. Morgana comes up with a plan to keep Gwen from ever having to choose between Arthur and Lancelot. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Do You Let Signs Tell You What to Do?": Mithian/Vivian; T; ~7000 words. Mithian is surprised at how much it hurts when Gwen comes back from Camelot talking of nothing but Arthur. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Dream on Summer Eves": Gwen/Morgana; G; ~1800 words. Plotless, first-kiss fluff, set sometime pre-canon. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Each World of Blood Is Made": Morgana/Nimueh; M; ~850 words. There is a ritual for magic-users in service to the Old Religion. [LJ|DW|AO3] A podfic read by [ profile] jelazakazone can be found here!

  • "The Earth Will Rebel": Merlin/Morgana, unrequited Merlin/Arthur; E; ~1900 words. The day before a battle, Merlin comes to visit Morgana. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Falling Leaves of Red and Gold": Gwen/Morgana; G; ~250 words. Autumn is the worst time. [LJ|DW|AO3] A podfic read by [ profile] spaceelevator can be found here!

  • "For Now": Gwen/Lancelot; G; <100 words. 3-sentence fic for the prompt "for her favor i would die a thousand deaths" but less angsty than that sounds. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "The Gifts She Gave of Flesh and Breath and Bone": Gorlois/Vivienne, Uther/Vivienne, Morgause, Morgana; T; ~650 words. Vivienne, her daughters, and their fathers. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Glorious Feeling": Uther/Ygraine, Tristan; G; ~500 words. Ygraine waits. Uther returns to her. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "I Want Your Drama, the Touch of Your Hand": Elena/Vivian; E; ~1900 words. In which Elena has an annoying (and attractive) roommate. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "I'd Tried So Not to Give In": Arthur/Merlin; E; ~1200 words. In which there is mutual pining and the resolution of UST. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Impossible to Ignore, and They'll Come True": Gwen/Morgana; M; ~1500 words. After Morgana has a vision of herself having sex with Gwen, who is not and never has been her lover, she's…uncertain. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "In the Arms of the Water": Freya/Excalibur; M; ~800 words. Freya is part of the land now, and spring makes her...feel things. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "It's All Right with Me": Arthur/OMC, Arthur/Merlin UST; M; ~900 words. Arthur can’t stop thinking about Merlin. All the time. In inappropriate ways. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Lie a Lily on Her Grave": Uther, Morgana; T; ~700 words. History is written by the victors. Major character death. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Like the Ice Before the Spring": Freya/Merlin; E; ~1450 words. In Avalon, Merlin and Freya have all the time in the world. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Not a Kiss Nor Look Be Lost": Gwen/Morgana; M; ~4000 words. A tension-relieving massage leads to happy first-time sex. There's...not that much plot here. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Not So Good as Rest": Morgana, gen; T; ~600 words. Morgana, waking from dreams. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "One and One, By and By": Gwen/Lancelot/Morgana; M; ~2500 words. Gwen never wanted to have to choose. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Pursue It With the Soul of Love": Arthur/Merlin; E; ~1900 words. Merlin accidentally breaks a bottle of an aphrodisiac. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Silk and Velvet and Skin": Gwen/Merlin; T; ~800 words. There’s a reason fine ladies don’t dress themselves. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Skies Unbound, I'm Unwound": Nimueh/Ygraine; E; ~2500 words. Ygraine’s father’s lands are dying, but there’s a ritual of the Old Religion that will restore them. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "And the Sunlight Clasps the Earth and the Moonbeams Kiss the Sea": Gwen/Morgana; E; ~1900 words. In which there is sex, outdoors, and everything is sweet and happy. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Swordmistress": Arthur/Morgana; E; ~1700 words. Morgana beats Arthur at sword-practice for the first time, and he likes it. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "We'll Get Her Hot, Show Her What We've Got": Gwen/Morgana/Vivian; E; ~3500 words. Nobody gets away with insulting Gwen when Morgana is around. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Your Body Lost in Legends": Arthur/Freya (Arthur/Merlin, Freya/Merlin); T+; ~1750 words. Merlin is not in Avalon. Major character death (afterlife-fic). [LJ|DW|AO3]

Stargate SG-1:
  • "She Went On": Sara O'Neill, gen; G; 500 words. After the worst day of her life, Sara O'Neill keeps living. Character death. [LJ|DW|AO3]

Stargate: Atlantis:
  • episode-related fics originally written as part of a "Backstage Atlantis" series
    1. "Ivory Tower": Katie Brown, Rodney McKay, gen-ish; G; ~2000 words. In-between complaining about Chaya to everyone onscreen, Rodney tries to pretend nothing is wrong, and ends up hiding in the botany department, and does more, offscreen, complaining. [LJ|DW|AO3]

    2. "When Planets Attack": Evan Lorne, others, gen; T; ~2500 words. In which people who are mostly not the series protagonists go on a mission for Atlantis, and there are giant mosquitoes, swamps, and no ZPM. [LJ|DW|AO3]

    3. "And There Was Cake": Elizabeth Weir, others, gen-ish; G; ~2000 words. In which there is one slice of cake, a datapad, paperwork, and the beginnings of contentment. [LJ|DW|AO3]

    4. "So Cheap a Death as Saying, 'Go' ": Elizabeth Weir, others, gen-ish; G; ~1300 words. In which people back on Atlantis wait to find out the outcome of the second test of Project Arcturus. [LJ|DW|AO3]

    5. "I Loved My Heart and Honour So": Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan; M; ~2200 words. In which Teyla explains "friends—nothing more", and afterwards there is sparring. [LJ|DW|AO3]

    6. "In Slow Reverse": Ronon Dex, Elizabeth Weir, John Sheppard, gen; G; ~1200 words. In which people keep John company while he returns to full humanity. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "The Continuation of War by More Difficult Means": Elizabeth Weir, gen-ish; G; 200 words. Elizabeth remembers to breathe. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Four People Elizabeth Didn't Say Goodbye To (and One She Did)": Elizabeth Weir, others, gen-ish; G; ~1250 words. Does what it says in the title. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Growing Like a Waterfall": Jennifer Keller, gen; G; ~800 words. Jennifer loves medicine, and water. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "The Tired Gray World": Elizabeth Weir, gen; G; ~1000 words. Elizabeth misses Atlantis so much it's like she's forgotten how to breathe. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "The Bright Burn of Salt": Ruby, gen; T; ~500 words. Ruby, a few of her hosts, and salted potatoes. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Defy the Devil": unnamed angel, Uriel, gen; T; ~400 words. Humanity and all its horrors are the creation of Elisheva's Father, and she accepts them for what they are. Character death. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Four Times Charlie Left (and One Time She Stayed)": Charlie Bradbury(/Becky Rosen), mostly gen; G; ~300 words. "This ain't the first time I've disappeared. You think my name's really Charlie Bradbury? Please." [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Heart of the Home": Lisa Braeden & OFCs; G; ~400 words. Lisa, studying to become a yoga teacher, making a home. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "(If You Want It) You Can Lean on Me": Castiel, Dean Winchester, gen-ish; T; ~1100 words. Castiel receives a sign. Mentions of character death. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "In This We Stand or Fall": Michael, Anna Milton, John Winchester, gen; M; ~800 words. Michael doesn't understand Anna, but he condemns her anyway. Character death. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "It Always Leads Me Here": Ash/Jo Harvelle; G; ~900 words. Jo has plans for her life. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Lost as a Light Is Lost in Light": Claire Novak, gen; T; ~600 words. Claire doesn't consider being released from possession an escape or a mercy. She's never had anything like Castiel in her life, and she doesn't know how to continue as purely human. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side": Sarah Blake/Bela Talbot; G; ~750 words. A tapestry with an unsettling history comes into Sarah Blake's possession, but this time she knows better than to pretend nothing's wrong. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Not a Damsel in Distress": Mary Campbell, OMC, others, gen; T; ~1500 words. Mary and a cousin go on a hunt; the cousin is not helpful. Casefic with monster death. [LJ|DW|AO3] A podfic read by [ profile] nickelmountain can be found here!

  • "There's Not Even a Wire, Just a Whispering in Air": Becky Rosen, OFC, gen; G; ~400 words. Becky starts a charity auction for a fandom friend inconvenienced by the apocalypse. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • Unholy Alliance series [AO3 series page]
    1. "Across the Margent of the World I Fled": Anna Milton, Chuck Shurley, Jo Harvelle, others, gen; T; ~3200 words. Anna runs before she’s taken off to be reprogrammed, and hides herself in humanity. [LJ|DW|AO3]

    2. "The Way That Out of Hell Leads Up to Light": Ruby, gen; M; ~2500 words. Hell wants Sam Winchester, and it's found a perfect way to get him. Or, the one where Ruby—the real Ruby—was never working for Lilith. Graphic violence. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "Voices in the Sea": Claire Novak & Jimmy Novak; G; <100 words. 3-sentence fic for the prompt "swimming lessons". [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "We (Don't) Have to Stop Meeting Like This": Sarah Blake/Bela Talbot; M; 500 words. The world where the supernatural overlaps with the antiques trade isn’t a large one. [LJ|DW|AO3]

  • "We Thought to Believe the Impossible": Anna/Ruby; T; ~450 words. Feelings, cleverly disguised as wingfic. [LJ|DW|AO3] A podfic read by [ profile] fire_juggler can be found here!

  • "You're in My Blood Like Holy Wine": Claire Novak, gen; G; ~1300 words. Not all of Claire's memories of angels are nightmares. [LJ|DW|AO3]
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