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(ETA: I am so glad you liked it, and also glad you told me, thank you. And I should have said this first! I'm not sure why I didn't, that was silly of me. I can tell you more at some point, if you'd like just for picture-having, but I'd rather not do so in an unlocked journal entry just because I get twitchy about having too many details about my RL job publicly available and linked to my fannish identity.)

Ahahaha SCHEDULES. That would be nice. No, I come in, and there are a few things I do first thing (unlock the office, change the little blocks in my little block calendar to the correct date, get paper and put it in the workroom by the copier, check to see if anyone called in sick and we need to get ready for a substitute), but then after that it's What Needs To Be Done Now? Or payroll, which is done every two weeks (except when they decide to be dicks and move the deadline up on us, sometimes with very little notice); if it's a payroll day that takes priority over everything but actual emergencies. (There's another fortnightly thing I do at the same time as payroll--reporting to the state--but that's not a big deal.) I also still do some attendance work, so from about five to fifteen minutes after school starts I'm generally pretty busy writing late slips. Other than that it's a lot of "...a whole bunch of things need to be done, and I guess I am going to do them!"

Some places probably have schedules, but to a fairly significant extent the broader your purview the less useful a schedule seems to be, I think. I could have kept to a schedule easily when all I was doing was attendance + registration, because very little of that was urgent. Things like "this thing is broken!" don't really schedule themselves neatly, and I've found it's way easier to just keep a list of things I need to do and get through them as I have the time and the resources than to figure out in advance exactly which things to do in which order, or to say, like, 9-10 every morning is for catching up on filing or whatever, because what if something happens at 9:15?

(It might, actually, benefit me to have a more precise schedule, but executive functioning is not my strong point at all. Even if I were to, though, I think it'd have to be much more general--categories of things at a time, instead of specific projects.)

BEES: apparently there are small insects which occasionally sting people! The allcaps-titled protocol is to inform us of this fact. (We are actually supposed to do a reverse evacuation if any bees whatsoever are sighted even if they don't sting anyone, and then stay inside the building until the district gives the all-clear. Which: really?) I figure even in places that are less SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING about bees there is a risk of insect or other pest activity, including potentially-dangerous insect activity.

And as far as the school bells incident goes: well, that was pretty much it, but I can tell it at greater length if you'd like.

A couple of weeks ago, after school on the Thursday before a three-day weekend, the power goes out. I pull out my cell phone and call the district; when the district also does not have power, I call the city power company--after the last power outage I was in, I programmed their number into my phone.

A very nice lady asks me if I'm sure the power is out. (Yes, ma'am, I am sure.) Because there haven't been any other calls... (It just happened! Maybe everyone else is still trying to see if they still own a phone book!) Eventually she tells me they'll send a tech to come check on things.

It is at this point the time I leave work, so I go home, there being nothing useful I can do there.

Fact: about twelve square miles lost power, including but not limited to the downtown business/political/administrative part of the city and a lot of major intersections.

On Monday we get in and the day starts as usual, until my fellow office minion notices that the first bell didn't ring before the late kids started arriving. I look at the system that runs the bells, which is informing me that it's about 4:30 in the afternoon on a Thursday. I pull up the relevant section of the intranet and start putting in a work order to have someone come reset our system.

The phone rings. It is a neighbor, who has been getting bells going off in the middle of the night every night since the power went out and is understandably displeased. I apologize profusely, tell him we only just now became aware of the problem and that I'm putting in a request to get it fixed right now. He is mollified. Someone arrives within a few hours to reset the system and departs. We are all happy.

LATER THAT WEEK: the phone rings. It is the same neighbor. The bells are still ringing in the middle of the night.

We give him the direct number of the department that was supposed to have fixed it in the first place.

I have not heard back from him since.
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