Date: 2015-04-19 04:01 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
(this is Ember not being arsed to find my password and also I accidentally turned your plurk into a monster)

but THIS IS SO COOL AND HUH! HUH. I AM GLAD I KNOW ALL THIS. both for fic and just because I am glad to have a picture! (and I love the way you write this, the part about loving your place and the way it looks in the morning made my whole heart turn over and me really want it to be next week when my job starts.)

So, do you just... come in, and see what needs to be done, and it'll be a mishmash of all of the above, and between tasks you'll do the management by wandering thing? I guess some corner of my brain always expected there to be schedules, or something.

(Also. BEES?)

(also also this is me officially asking you about the school bells incident.)
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