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Dear [ profile] rarepairfest author,

I like you already just for agreeing to participate in this exchange! Whether you, like me, ship these pairings with enough force to power a medium-sized city, or whether you only want to bring joy to the people who do, you're awesome. ♥

If you don't want to read a long and rambling letter, the shortest version of what I'd like is: something happy, or at least hopeful, and for this particular exchange I would actually prefer fic without porn, especially if you're not planning on going much over the minimum length. (I mean, if you want to write me a novella, by all means, for most of these fandoms porn away. But I rather suspect you don't.)

If you'd like something a little more specific, here is a partial list of my likes and dislikes, in general and in no particular order! (If you want to know whether something applies to a specific fandom/ship, just check below, I will mention if for some reason it doesn't!)
  • likes: pining and UST; ladies being awesome; get-togethers and/or first times; most AUs; happy endings; banter; most fannish tropes and clich├ęs; character A being emotionally and/or sexually attracted to character B being awesome at something; pretend relationships/fake dating/undercover-as-married/etc.; epistolary romance (in letters/texts/e-mails/etc.); when I learn something new from a fic.
  • handle with care: dubcon (I'm fine with--and enjoy--speculative fiction dubcon tropes along the lines of sex pollen/aliens made them do it/etc., but I'd like it if you could avoid any more realistic consent issues)
  • dislikes/squicks: noncon; depiction or justification of abuse of any kind (including emotional); underage sex; major character death; character bashing; bigotry; focus on PTSD or any other anxiety spectrum disorder; and stories where characters are made miserable for no real reason and with no real narrative reward.
  • triggers: I cannot read/watch/consume stories which go into any depth about the helplessness of a sympathetic disadvantaged character against The System; or stories set in/featuring/etc. mental hospitals, historical or contemporary. also if for any reason you ignore my above request not to focus on any anxiety-type disorder (...which, please don't), then at least please please do not include a detailed description of a panic attack, especially not from the POV of the character having it.

And now, to actual challenge-related requests and musings! They are arranged alphabetically by fandom (except the Star Trek ones, which are arranged chronologically), and arranged within fandom by a slightly more complex alphabetization system.

Marvel (comics):

Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson [Marvel 616]:

I fell for this ship, and fell hard, one day while I was wandering around [ profile] ship_manifesto procrastinating on something. It is the ongoing tragedy of my fannish existence (...okay, I may be exaggerating a little) that there are, as far as I can tell, only about two short fics actually shipping them, and only a handful more of even shorter fics which focus on their relationship.

[Quick canon note before I go any further: I haven't read past about the first dozen issues of Waid's run and I don't like what I have read of it--or what I know of what follows--, both on a craft level and on an emotional level. I've sent everything after Andy Diggle's Daredevil: Reborn concluded to the Discontinuity Bin in my head.]

I love this ship because I love romances where everyone relies on Character A, but Character A is totally lost without Character B. Other things I am terribly fond of: legal antics! superheroing! Really, this comic was made for me, except for all the ladies it stuffs into fridges.

My favorite thing about the source canon not directly related to Shipping Feelings or courtroom drama is pretty much Natasha's entire existence (I like her even better in some of her own titles, but it is also a glorious thing to see her show up in Daredevil to be more awesome than everyone else combined). But also Ben, and the occasional guest appearances by Peter and Danny and Luke and Jess, and the sense that Hell's Kitchen is almost a character in itself, and...lots of things, basically.

What I'd like from a fic is...honestly, pretty much anything at all you'd like to write me. Something that picks up after Daredevil: Reborn but goes off in a different direction than "canon" did? Something not particularly anchored in any specific canonical period but which could still fall into any of them? Something which is actually an AU (preferably of the slightly-different-from-canon kind instead of a total AU, but I'd happily take a total AU if you wanted to write one!)? I am easy, for this ship. I am so, so easy.

[If you are not acquainted with Earth-616, I'm...not actually sure what you thought you were signing up to write but please direct me to whatever it was.]

Ororo Munroe/Janet Van Dyne [Marvel Adventures: Avengers]

This ship sort of crept up on me between rereads of MA:A--one minute it was "hey, superheroing ladies who are friends!" and the next it was "ah, dramatic rescues and admiration and also lunch dates featuring banter about gelato being evil, excellent". Ororo is awesome and Jan is adorable and I just want to smush them happily together.

Things I like about canon: everything. The villains are ridiculous! The heroes are actually friends with each other and have absurd and delightful team shenanigans! Everything is happy and wonderful. MA:A (Marvel Adventures in general, actually, from what I've read of it) is sort of a security blanket in comic form.

I have a slight preference for a canon setting over an AU, but by all means, if you have a good idea for an AU, please feel free to write that instead. (The one thing I would like to be actually different from canon, even if you're not specifically writing an AU, is their existing love interests--I'd rather you just pretended they didn't have canonical love interests, if possible.)

[If you are not acquainted with MA:A and assumed I meant the Earth-616 versions of these characters, I should probably warn you that I have barely any acquaintance with either of them in that 'verse. You can still write the thing you thought you were signing up to write, and I won't object, but I won't be able to appreciate it as it deserves. However, it won't be the first time I've read fic about characters I didn't know before then, so.]

Star Trek: the Original Series:

(Pavel Chekov/)Hikaru Sulu/Nyota Uhura:

You can write me either the pair or the triad, and I will be very happy indeed! (Actually, if you're just wandering in here from somewhere else and would like to write me Chekov/either of the other two without the third, you could do that too.) It's a struggle to find TOS fic about people who aren't the main trio, and I'd love to see whatever you decide to do with it.

Well, almost whatever. For some weird reason I cannot read porn for Trek TV shows, so if you would like to include sex I'd appreciate it if you would fade to black sometime before genitals get involved. Sexual tension is okay, but explicit description/dialogue are just really uncomfortable for me somehow.

I love this ship because--I'm not even sure why, exactly. Because all the moments we have of them are like a treasure hunt through whatever Big Epic Thing is going on in the main plot, maybe? (I legitimately enjoyed "Spock's Brain" because it is one of the only episodes where we get to see them all onscreen together, okay. That should say a lot.) They're a bit of an odd group of people--Sulu with his historical swashbuckling and botanical hobbies, Uhura with her musical (and linguistic, if you'd like to borrow that from the reboot) talents and a remarkable amount of physical courage not incompatible with her love of beautiful and/or cute things, Chekov with his ridiculous deadpan humor (a style of communication invented in Russia) and that balance of intellect and brash impulsivity--but they all obviously come to care for and trust each other a lot.

My favorite thing about the source canon not specifically related to shipping is the general air of the ridiculous. Yes, TOS also did moral lessons and raised important philosophical questions, but I like it best when it's being incredibly silly and/or popularizing tropes.

What I'd like from a fic is probably Ridiculous Space Adventures (the one where they all get stranded on a planet and have to huddle for warmth? the one where Uhura has to pretend both of the other two are her concubines for some diplomatic reason? the one where some unknown flower/crystal/whatever else they used in TOS for this sort of thing accidentally makes them start blurting out their true feelings? the one where one of them gets kidnapped/lost/misplaced and the others have to find them? you get the picture), but I wouldn't say no to an AU of some sort either.

Star Trek: DS9

As noted in the TOS entry, for some weird reason I cannot read porn for Trek TV shows, so if you would like to include sex I'd appreciate it if you would fade to black before genitals get involved. (Sexual tension: entirely okay! Actual explicit description or discussion of what is/will be occurring: makes me weirdly uncomfortable.)

General canon overview: I love DS9 because it is basically high fantasy in space, and I love it because it's really damn good storytelling, and I love it because it's a show about family and family-by-choice and deep meaningful friendship, and I love it because it has politics (both secular and religious) and worldbuilding and awesome ladies and occasionally things blow up. Sisko is my firm answer to the ongoing Kirk-or-Picard debate.

Also, heads up, if you are reading my letter but have not watched DS9, beyond this place there be pretty major spoilers. Continue at your own risk!

Ezri Dax/Jake Sisko:

I tripped and fell into shipping this practically from the moment they met. I didn't really mean to--it was something about the way Ezri reacted to him, how he was one of the only people she was seeing in a way Jadzia never had, and how she found herself opening up to him about the things that were overwhelming her almost right away (which, again, Jadzia never would have). Jake pretty obviously liked her as a person from the start, and he was, additionally, canonically attracted to her (I am still bitter that got shot down immediately; Sisko, I love you, but nobody asked you).

I could see something post-canon here, if you'd like a specific prompt: Ezri realizing that her relationship with Julian is sort of a mutual consolation prize and moving on to claim her own life. But I would also not object at all to something set in an AU of s7 where she and Julian were never together at all.

Ezri Dax/Jake Sisko/Tora Ziyal:

Yes, I know this could be defined as a complete and utter crackship. Yes, I am nonetheless totally serious.

I don't have any specific thoughts, other than that obviously Ziyal is not dead I refuse to have her be dead (maybe she and Ezri became friends because almost everyone else was mourning Jadzia but Ziyal hadn't known her that well?), but I am all for efficiency in shipping wherever possible and I do ship both of the ladies with Jake pretty hard, so. (This would be an excellent place to include pining, if you are contemplating writing me pining.)

(Although I haven't formally requested it, if for some reason you'd really just like to write me Ezri/Ziyal, you could do that too. It wouldn't be my first choice but if everything else isn't working for you I wouldn't object.)

Jake Sisko/Tora Ziyal:

They are my darlings and they want to change the world with art. (They met! Once! They were onscreen together for about half a second! It was wonderful. And terrible because it was in "Sacrifice of Angels" and so it was like giving me a present and then setting it on fire before I even got to open it.)

I want to know how they met, or what they did together while Ziyal was on break from her school, or whether they ever collaborated on a project, or about their long-distance friendship and/or romance. Or you can do an AU of any sort, if you'd like. ([ profile] lady_ragnell says this ship is clearly just begging for an everyone-is-in-fandom AU where they work on a big bang together.)

Feel free to have Ziyal not die. I am 1000% on board with Ziyal not dying, however you'd like to arrange it. (You can totally just handwave it away if you don't have a specific plan.)

Kira Nerys/Odo:

I feel a little weird requesting this in a rarepairs exchange, since it is canon and is certainly not unloved, but there's very little fic that I've been able to find and there's one specific thing I really want, so.

I suspected I would ship this from the moment we'd met both of them, and by the end of "Past Prologue" (yes, yes, that is the second independent episode, I know) I was hopelessly sold on it. As I've mentioned before in this letter and will mention again, I love romances arising out of a situation where everyone relies on Character A, who's lost without Character B. The Kira we met at the very beginning--brave and scarred and untrusting and so, so determined to do the right thing for her people--fascinated me as a character by herself, but when I realized that she not only had someone who kept the peace on the station while she did urgent things of broader scope, but that that person was pretty much the only one she initially trusted--? ("The only important thing is not to betray yourself." That was it; I was done.)

Anyway! Obviously, since DS9 is in general a competently-written show and contains such things as character development, the characters had all changed by the end of s6--I'm not trying to argue it should have been as if they were still the people I'd started shipping, all that time before (although in a sense, of course, they still were: the scene in the s6 opener when Odo says he's amazed Kira can still smile and she says, "Only when I'm with you"? I shrieked out loud)--but the actual way Kira and Odo got together has always bothered me. If you like it, I'm happy for you! But it frustrated me on a lot of levels: that all the focus was on changing Odo's behavior, instead of showing Kira's feelings change; that the episode itself was a romantic comedy instead of something closer to the genre of the rest of the show (not that I have anything against romantic comedies in general, just that it seemed not quite right for this particular ship to me); that there were a whole bunch of really sketchy issues re. the whole holosuite thing.

So what I would really really like for this ship, if you can, is an alternate version of their get-together, preferably of the same genre as most of the rest of the show and preferably showing more of the dynamic that drew me to them in the first place. [A brief and partial list of pre-get-together Things That Have Been Wonderful, to draw plot inspiration from if you wish: Kira yanking strings at various points to keep Odo on the station and try to protect his feelings; absolutely everything about "Heart of Stone" until it turned out not to be Kira; Odo courting her with criminal activity reports, and all the 'Kira and Odo fight crime!' B-plots in general (especially the one to "Meridian"); that one time Kira told the Romulans to go fuck themselves and the cloaking device they rode in on because she thought Odo would have been terribly offended by what they were saying about him.] If you'd like to go into how Kira's feelings changed from 'we're good friends and that is very important to me' to 'we're good friends and that is very important to me but I would also really like to be romantically involved with you', that would be awesome, but I can fill it in for myself if I have to.

(If for whatever reason this is totally not at all what you wanted to write, but you don't want to write any of my other DS9 ships and you don't know any of my other fandoms, I would also settle for a. them having Space Adventures while being in a relationship (so basically, canon) or b. post-series fic where Odo comes back from the link because they are his family but he doesn't want to live permanently with them, he'd be happy with visiting on major holidays.)

Stargate Atlantis

It's been a while since I watched this show, but I'm still occasionally prone to relapses of rarepair and minor-character feelings, so please don't take the slight haziness of my thoughts as an indication that I prefer one of the other fandoms to this one. I would be as delighted by a fic for either of these ships as I would for any of the others!

Anyway, for me what I always liked best about Stargate: Atlantis (and Stargate: SG-1, for that matter) was actually the fandom and the amazing/brilliant/bizarre things it's created, but that's not really helpful, so: I love the idea that there is this place that's almost a character; and I love the sense of wonder and magic that accompanies the danger and explosions and other trappings of contemporary science fiction; and I love the idea that this collection of brilliant people who never quite fit in on Earth become more and more important to each other as time passes. (Although if you would like to write me an AU you could totally do that as well!)

Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zelenka:

Yet again--but for the last time, now--I'm returning to the theme of ships where everyone relies on Character A, who's lost without Character B. It's not quite that here, of course, because Elizabeth does have other people--quite brilliant and/or unbelievably lucky other people, even--but honestly? she's not a main character, not quite, which means that when Plot decrees it the main foursome will go do their own thing even if it involves, say, publicly defying her already-tenuous authority. So the group of people on whom she can rely and in whom she can confide is...profoundly limited. I'm not even sure how to explain this ship, anymore; it dragged me aboard close to four and a half years ago, now, and I can't quite remember why any longer. It's sweet, and it's lovely, and I can easily see it being a good and happiness-inducing thing for both of them. I hope that's enough for you.

As regards specific prompts, I have a few suggestions, although I'm not profoundly attached to any of them and if you do have something else in mind please feel free to go with that instead! But. Possibilities: something in which they're working together during a station crisis (canonical or otherwise); a much smaller-scale crisis (off-world hostage situation?); fix-fic for the ridiculous 'yeah we're just going to leave Elizabeth drifting among the replicators' decision (writerrrrrrs!!!!). Or, if you're feeling more whimsical, a variation on the theme of 'Atlantis decides to matchmake' (I know it's been done, a lot, but I don't see why I should hold that against it), or perhaps a station party/dance/harvest festival/etc.

(If you're looking at this prompt going "yes, but needs more poly" (which I realize is unlikely, but, you know, if you are, who am I to stand in your way?), I've occasionally toyed with the idea of adding Evan Lorne to the ship. I've never yet managed to convince myself, quite--it's the Lorne/Weir side of it I can't manage to bridge--but if this is a triad you've always had/suddenly discovered a burning desire to write, you're welcome to try.)

Please feel free to ignore any inconvenient bits of canon, of course, especially as pertaining to alternate romantic interests/gratuitously and cruelly prolonged writing-out-of-show/etc.

Katie Brown/Laura Cadman:

I started shipping this because of the Cyrano setup ("Cyrano" actually name-dropped in-episode by a writer I am convinced didn't actually realize the reference he was making)--I have a terrible weakness for what TVTropes calls the "matchmaker crush" trope, where one person is trying to help another person woo someone they themself have feelings for, and I refuse to be convinced that that isn't what was happening in "Duet".

I would be equally happy with a canon-set fic or a total AU for this ship, although I do request that if you decide to write it as an AU you somehow keep elements of the matchmaker-crush thing (obviously you don't have to keep the body-sharing). I'm sorry I don't have anything more specific to suggest; it's not a lack of interest, it's a lack of inspiration (since this is, after all, a pairing between people who never even met face-to-real-face, and since it is, after all, femslash and therefore not really something that fandom took off with, either).

If you don't like the specifics of whatever you were matched to me on, or if something else I've described sounds interesting, here's a quick run-down of how to most efficiently acquaint yourself with others of my fandoms/ships:
  • Marvel:
    • [616] Matt Murdock/Foggy Nelson -- if you're not worried about trying to precisely match decades of canon (and I'm not if you're not, so don't worry), the quickest way to get a groundwork from which to write would be, I think, Brian Michael Bendis's run on the title--fifty issues (v2, #s 26-50 & 56-81).
    • [MA:A] Ororo Munroe/Janet Van Dyne -- Marvel Adventures: Avengers, if you can find it, is pretty short (I don't remember how many issues, but I think it's somewhere under forty--and it's an all-ages comic, so they're not particularly dense). I've unfortunately had to allow my subscription to Marvel Unlimited to lapse, so I can't point you to specific issues.
  • Star Trek: the Original Series:
    • Hikaru Sulu/Nyota Uhura -- they had appallingly little interaction and most of it involved drugs or the Mirrorverse; I won't recommend the latter for this but "The Naked Time" is never a poor choice for watching regardless
    • Pavel Chekov/Hikaru Sulu/Nyota Uhura -- the only three episodes I can think of off the top of my head where all three of them interact are "The Enterprise Incident", "The Tholian Web" (a really good one from this perspective), and "Spock's Brain". Chekov and Uhura get a fair amount of interaction in "The Trouble with Tribbles", and Chekov and Sulu in "Amok Time" and "Day of the Dove".
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -- unfortunately you're sort of out of luck with this one, period, unless you want to watch at least five and a half seasons of television. (Mind you, DS9 is really good; if you don't actively dislike science fiction and/or Star Trek I highly recommend it. But. Not this quickly.) To the best of my knowledge the entire series is available for streaming on, though I'm not sure about regions.
  • Stargate Atlantis:
    • Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zelenka -- I could give you a compressed version of the show which features only the episodes in which they interact, but unfortunately there are a lot more episodes where one or both of them is doing something important but not involving the other. You'd have to watch most of the first three seasons of SGA (which is not, as far as I know, available pretty much anywhere easily).
    • Katie Brown/Laura Cadman -- this might actually be the easiest thing on here, if you can get ahold of SGA s2 e4 "Duet". They both appear individually in a couple of separate episodes after that, but if you're extremely pressed for time and you can get that first episode you could probably fill in what you're missing from a wiki or from episode transcripts, both of which are available on Gateworld.

And, finally, if you have any other questions/comments/concerns/wishes for clarification/inquiries about my opinion on polarizing canon topics/etc., you may leave them either as comments to this entry (anon is enabled!) or ask [ profile] lady_ragnell, who can, honestly, probably answer of her own knowledge and if not will certainly be able to find out what I think without ruining the surprise.
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