2 January 2014

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New year, new fandoms, totally time to grab more prompt tables even though I have yet to completely fill any of the tables I have up. This duo is inspired by my having a fandom relapse into Merlin and tripping and falling into Atlantis (made by the same creative team) at approximately the same time, and thinking about lady interactions that should have happened--I won't absolutely hold myself to it if I come up with a fabulous alternative, but I am intending each prompt from these tables to be used for one or the other of these shows, set during canon era and mostly either episode-related or inspired-by-episode (though some might not be canon-compliant!).

Table squares will have the show, the lady/ladies and relationships (friendship or romance) if any, and LJ/DW/AO3 links. Table squares will not have content notices (please assume s1 spoilers for anything Atlantis); if you're browsing this table and would like to know, without going to the fics themselves, whether content notices apply(/which episodes specifically are spoiled), leave me a comment and I'll let you know as soon as I see it. The original tables, from [community profile] 100_women, can be found here.

ladies ladies ladies )
The 10th in each is a writer's-choice space; I took the 8th & 9th prompts from table #5 and inserted them into tables #8 & 9, respectively.

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