17 June 2013

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Dear [livejournal.com profile] rarepairfest author,

I like you already just for agreeing to participate in this exchange! Whether you, like me, ship these pairings with enough force to power a medium-sized city, or whether you only want to bring joy to the people who do, you're awesome. ♥

If you don't want to read a long and rambling letter, the shortest version of what I'd like is: something happy, or at least hopeful, and for this particular exchange I would actually prefer fic without porn, especially if you're not planning on going much over the minimum length. (I mean, if you want to write me a novella, by all means, for most of these fandoms porn away. But I rather suspect you don't.)

If you'd like something a little more specific, here is a partial list of my likes and dislikes, in general and in no particular order! (If you want to know whether something applies to a specific fandom/ship, just check below, I will mention if for some reason it doesn't!)
  • likes: pining and UST; ladies being awesome; get-togethers and/or first times; most AUs; happy endings; banter; most fannish tropes and clich├ęs; character A being emotionally and/or sexually attracted to character B being awesome at something; pretend relationships/fake dating/undercover-as-married/etc.; epistolary romance (in letters/texts/e-mails/etc.); when I learn something new from a fic.
  • handle with care: dubcon (I'm fine with--and enjoy--speculative fiction dubcon tropes along the lines of sex pollen/aliens made them do it/etc., but I'd like it if you could avoid any more realistic consent issues)
  • dislikes/squicks: noncon; depiction or justification of abuse of any kind (including emotional); underage sex; major character death; character bashing; bigotry; focus on PTSD or any other anxiety spectrum disorder; and stories where characters are made miserable for no real reason and with no real narrative reward.
  • triggers: I cannot read/watch/consume stories which go into any depth about the helplessness of a sympathetic disadvantaged character against The System; or stories set in/featuring/etc. mental hospitals, historical or contemporary. also if for any reason you ignore my above request not to focus on any anxiety-type disorder (...which, please don't), then at least please please do not include a detailed description of a panic attack, especially not from the POV of the character having it.

And now, to actual challenge-related requests and musings! They are arranged alphabetically by fandom (except the Star Trek ones, which are arranged chronologically), and arranged within fandom by a slightly more complex alphabetization system. Onwards! )

If you don't like the specifics of whatever you were matched to me on, or if something else I've described sounds interesting, here's a quick run-down of how to most efficiently acquaint yourself with others of my fandoms/ships: Read more... )

And, finally, if you have any other questions/comments/concerns/wishes for clarification/inquiries about my opinion on polarizing canon topics/etc., you may leave them either as comments to this entry (anon is enabled!) or ask [livejournal.com profile] lady_ragnell, who can, honestly, probably answer of her own knowledge and if not will certainly be able to find out what I think without ruining the surprise.
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