7 January 2012

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I promise--I honestly, sincerely promise--that I am going to catch up on several other bits of the Snowflake Challenge (probably not the social-interaction-with-strangers ones, because social anxiety woooo), and I actually have a detailed recs post half-coded for Day Two (rec other people's fic, especially rareish fic) which I keep getting distracted from by other things (I'm still going through everyone else's self-rec lists from Day One, as well as real life and other fannish activities); this is not turning into an All About Me thing, I promise.

That said, Day 7: create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive.

(Whether or not you've been participating, and whether or not you investigate my own wishlist, I also would like to encourage you to check out everyone else's wishlists (not all of them if you'd rather not, of course! maybe just click a few at random?) to see if there's anything that someone else would like that you're willing and able to provide.)

I'm actually really bad at asking for things. [fandoms: all (1); Stargate Atlantis (1); Marvel comics (1)] )

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