6 January 2012

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I'm still struggling with the reclist for Day 2 of the snowflake challenge--the generalized reclist with a special focus on less-popular fanworks--because every time I think I've decided on what to do I get a sudden urge to add more fics. Therefore, have the Day 6 reclist first: rec at least three fanworks that I thought I wouldn't like but that I ended up loving [or admiring].

I only have two, because I'm bad at reading outside my comfort zone and I pretty much never go into fics expecting not to like them unless they are outside my comfort zone.

I have, here, provided warnings. The fics--both are fics--are recced in decreasing order of how triggering I expect the main reason-I-thought-I-wouldn't-like-it may be to the most potential readers, and skip links have been provided at the beginning of this post after the main warnings so that, if you're using a screenreader or just would rather not scroll past, you can do so more easily. I have tried to put enough space between recs that you will be able to avoid seeing the first one either from the beginning or from the end, and the second one from the middle; my apologies to everyone inconvenienced by this. Two recs. )
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fandom: Supernatural
rating: teen+ audiences
characters/pairings: Bela Talbot/Sarah Blake
length: 500 words
content notices: brief sexual content
summary: The world where the supernatural overlaps with the antiques trade isn’t a large one.
notes: drabble sequence written for [tumblr.com profile] applesarefuckinghealthy.
ao3 crosspost: here

Sarah watches her go until she disappears into the light beyond the doors. )

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