2 January 2012

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This is several days late because reccing fics is something that makes me irrationally anxious ("what if people judge my taste?") and I consume very few other fanworks. That said, here's Day 2 of the Snowflake Challenge: post a rec to at least three fanworks (I, uh, got a bit lot carried away) that I didn't create, with special focus on fanworks less likely to be praised. There are a lot more things I could rec, but the reason this took so long was I kept dithering and adding things and then subtracting them and then adding more things...

1 panfandom; 4 Marvel (3 comics, 1 film); 5 Merlin; 4 Star Trek (1 AOS, 2 DS9, 1 general); 1 Stargate SG-1; 4 Stargate Atlantis; 3 Supernatural )

If any of my links don't work/go to the wrong place/etc., I am profoundly sorry and will fix it as soon as possible.

We're also supposed to drop a link to the authors informing them they've been recced, but I'm getting more than a little anxious just thinking about that, so I'm going to skip that step for now.

Also: if you enjoyed any of these fanworks and would like similar recs and/or more information about the canon, I'd be delighted to provide. (Well, in the case of the recs, I'd be delighted to provide if I can; some of them are going to be difficult or impossible to find similar ones.)

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