28 April 2011

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I will always provide content notices, on LJ and DW, for anything which strikes me as potentially something which some people might want or need not to read (or not to read without warning). On the Archive of Our Own, I will use archive warnings to the best of my ability, and choose not to use archive warnings when I doubt any apply but suspect that the fic may be disturbing. I may or may not use additional content notices on the AO3; if you require detailed warnings, I suggest you browse here instead. If I have neglected to provide a notice for something here on LJ/DW, or neglected to properly implement an archive warning at the AO3, I will correct myself as soon as the error is brought to my attention.

For a more detailed explanation of my notice & spoiler policy, see here (LJ)/here (DW).

Should you find something, whilst reading one of my stories, that offends you/is incorrect/could offend others/is in any way problematic, please please please do not hesitate to tell me. I will never spew hate at you, I will never attack you, and I will always thank you for taking the time to let me know. (note on problematic content composed by [livejournal.com profile] gyzym & used with permission)

And now, to the fic! )

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