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Well, if all the cool kids are doing it...most popular 10 fics meme, taken from [personal profile] argylepiratewd! (I have been busily working on attempting to have an actual life, but stay tuned to this channel over the next week or two for a. at least one de-anoned [ profile] kinkme_merlin fill, b. some [ profile] rarewomen treats*, and possibly c. the unveiling of a Secret Project!

* Treats can be written by all, participant or otherwise (and a later post explicitly clarifies dropouts can also write treats)! To find out about it and get a list of requests, see this post at the comm. *waves More Fic About Ladies banner*

(...also, yes, you deduce correctly from my mention of "treats" yet no mention of my actual assignment fic that I ended up having an Abject Failure At Things moment and having to release my assignment into the wild due to a case of having no idea how in hell to write what my recipient wanted. /o\ Oh well. I did try, which already makes this better than I've done for any exchange yet. I think.)

ANYWAY, now that I've gotten terribly sidetracked, here's the 10 fics meme. )
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  1. I profusely apologize to anyone trying to read my fics on LJ who's now inconvenienced by the new layout. I'd change it, but the only way I know of to alter the look of entries/comment pages is to have a plus or paid account (correct me if I'm wrong?), and at this point I am even more determined not to give them any money by allowing ad views or them money...than I have been. My fics are and always have been crossposted to both DreamWidth and the Archive of Our Own, if either of those sites is more convenient for you.

  2. Also, I have a lot of DW invite codes, if anyone reading this wants one--not that it's really necessary, because DW has turned off needing a code to create an account until the end of the year (wondering if they're regretting the choice now...)

  3. I had been planning to try to finish and post at least one more [ profile] kinkme_merlin fill before the end of the year, but if LJ doesn't FIX THE COMMENT PAGES that might not happen. I mean, wow. Wow. There is so much fail there, y'all. I was quite literally getting a headache trying to read the new comment pages, and the custom-style ones are...really not optimal.

In happier news, and without making any promises, if anyone reading this would like me to attempt to write them a holiday ficlet (let's say a New Year's gift, because I know myself and the odds of me getting anything done before the end of any of the other holidays around this time are less than good), feel free to comment with a prompt of some sort! ♥
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brought to you by [personal profile] nonisland & [ profile] lady_ragnell

Pan-Fandom Tinyships Commentfest!
(for rare pairings and moresomes you really want to see more of, and
for giving people fics, fanart, and other things celebrating their ships)
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I am particularly not used to winning things which are won through actual...effort and perseverance and productivity and similar displays of maturity? Case in point: [ profile] kinkme_merlin's Never Have I Ever challenge.
Isn't it the most precious winner's banner? Look at the little mouse and its little teeny crown! I'm still absolutely amazed that I won, to be honest--and an anonymouse has offered to make a derivative fanwork of one of the fills I did for the challenge, so I'm basically waiting in delighted anticipation for that.

(If you're just tuning in, the "misc events: never have i ever" tag will take you to the complete collection of fics I wrote as part of this challenge, including a mini-masterlist for your ease of browsing.)

Anyway. Eeee!, and other noises of glee.

Stay tuned. When my anon donor presents me with my derivative fanwork, I am absolutely going to show everyone, because eeeeee excitement and I am sure it will be fabulous.

eta: I should also mention, the challenge produced a ton of excellent fills, some for very rare pairings, all of which can be found by browsing the Never Have I Ever tag at km_m's Pinboard account. (They can also be found by wandering through the comments in the original post I linked to above, but this is quicker because the links are actually clickable, and it has a little more information re. warnings etc.)
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9 September – 16 September 2011

I've signed up to do Elizabeth Weir of SGA because most of my other fandoms seem pretty well covered. Stay tuned for: who knows, but it will be shiny! Maybe. I'll be doing the daily posts at [ profile] nonisland, and then a roundup here on the 17th.

(Other things I am doing: Never Have I Ever at [ profile] kinkme_merlin, various fic tables ([ profile] fc_smorgasbord, [community profile] hooked_on_heroines, [community profile] 100_women...), etc. Um. Whoops.)
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If you need to get in touch with me anonymously, without being on-topic for any topic in particular, this post is here for you! ♥
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Point the First: I'm working on the Never Have I Ever challenge at [ profile] kinkme_merlin, the goal of which is to fill prompts with pairings or kinks, or in media, which we have not done before. So at some point after the challenge is over and I de-anon there will be a sudden influx of Merlin-related content for you lovelies, most of it probably of a NSFW nature.

Point the Second: currently I am very bored. Also, unproductive.

[eta] Point the Third: I am also trying to unofficially do the [community profile] ladiesbigbang, because it sounds awesome, with a fic in the Ruby 1.1 'verse. So far I haven't even started; the deadline is September 1 if I want to hope for a complement (art, fanmix, etc.) and October 1 if I don't. Um.

Point the Third Fourth: while poking through my entries I noticed I have a meme tag, so I wandered over to [personal profile] argylepiratewd's journal and stole another meme from her.

WIP MEME: post a little bit of each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations.

(Note: some of these, especially the SGA ones, are, um, possibly abandoned. Do keep an eye out for the last-edited dates. I've introduced each snippet with the file name and the aforementioned date, and these are not actually all of my WsIP, just the ones that have quotable bits.)

Stargate Atlantis )

Merlin )

Star Trek TOS )

Supernatural )
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Hello! This is my fannish-ID journal for commenting purposes. I have a non-fannish identity here which, for RL reasons, I prefer remain publicly unconnected with fandom (any fannish content which exists there is kept under flock).

I'm too lazy to maintain multiple active journals, but some of the fannish communities I lurk in are places I'd be actually active in if I had a non-anonymous means of doing so--hence this pseudonymous account named after my AO3 identity.

If you're looking for my fic, it's here, at the Archive of Our Own (for a variety of reasons, I prefer not to post fanfic publicly on LJ); if you're looking for my meta and other rambling thoughts, they're... really not worth looking for, and you're not missing anything.

tl;dr: there is nothing in this journal other than this post.

Edit: As of 28 April 2011, I have also started posting my fic here/at [ profile] non_island. A masterlist of my fic can be found here, or accessed by browsing the tags.
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(I use the term "content notices" because some things which may be triggering for some are kinks--either sexual or narrative--for others, which makes "warnings" a rather polarized term, and I've seen "content notices" or "contains" mentioned as a neutral alternative.)

I will attempt, on LJ and DW but not always on the AO3, to provide content notices for anything which seems to me something that people might want or need (or expect) content notices for.

The exceptions to this: I will not provide notices for anything which is indicated by the pairing(s)—i.e., at present, het/slash/femslash/poly—and I will not provide notices for anything which seems to me so integral to a canon or a specific character that it is inescapable without going AU (at present this is limited to general religious themes and references in Supernatural fic).
  • Note on the subject of incest: I will not provide notices just for a fully-consensual romantic and/or sexual relationship, indicated in the pairing field, between people who are related in canon and who remain related in the fic in question (i.e. it isn't an AU changing that aspect) if the fic does not mention that they're related. Some people, me included, read fics in fandoms they aren't familiar with the source of; this policy is partly designed with thoughts of that in mind. I will provide notices for all other incest-related content and discussion, including cases almost like the previous example given but where the characters are identified as related within the fic itself.

    It seems to me that this is a reasonable compromise which allows me to assume that my readers are intelligent and to be sensitive to their needs. However, I am neither triggered nor always squicked by incest, and if this is not as reasonable to others as it seems to me I'm very willing to revise my policy. If any of this is unclear, I apologize and will clarify if asked.

I will warn for spoilers for: current seasons of television shows (by first-known airing (US for US shows, UK for UK shows, etc)) until they're out on DVD or until the next season starts, whichever is sooner; books which have been out for less than six months; movies which are not yet out on DVD; current issues of comic books less than two weeks old.

If there is something that you need, want, or idly feel like knowing about any or all of my fics before you read it, ask me and I'll answer as soon as I see it. I understand triggers; I understand squicks; I understand not feeling like reading Theme X on a particular day. I do not consider any of those invalid reasons for wanting to know more about something before reading it.

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